"But now, that there is no more place for me to work in these regions..." Romans 15:23




Paul wrote in Acts 19:10 that every Jew and Greek living in the region of Asia Province had heard the gospel of Jesus Christ in just two years. At that time, that was 15 million people.

Whatever Paul was teaching his disciples was both simple and powerful, because disciples were multiplying rapidly. We want to equip you to share the gospel and make disciples of your own. We want to unleash you on your neighborhood/ apartment complexes by helping you start bible studies with new believers that are multiplying over and over again until there is no place left.

Interested in reaching your neighborhood with the gospel, or getting practice out in the harvest, or starting your own bible study? Contact Caleb Sprinkle. 



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How to lead a bible study with people far from God

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Every Christian has been given Jesus' Great Commission to make disciples. For many of us, we aren't doing it because we don't know how, or we lack the confidence to follow through. We'll spend a whole day together learning simple tools, practicing them, and putting them to work. Before we can make disciples, we have to know how to start Gospel Conversations and what to do next. This training will help you do both of those things.

Gospel Conversation Training
Saturday, April 28th
9am - 3pm
First Baptist Charlotte