We believe the Kingdom of God grows one person at a time. As a church, we are going to engage lostness in the same way - one person at a time. Who’s your one?

Please use the form below to record your conversation with your one. Please include details such as at least the first name of the person you shared with, how the conversation began, how you transitioned to the gospel, how the person responded, and how we can be praying for them. Use this form for one person at a time (meaning if you have another person you have shared with, then please fill out a new form).

Thank you for your faithfulness!

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Upcoming Trainings

Gospel Conversations Training
August 4th | 12noon
First Baptist Charlotte

We get it, when you hear "evangelism training", you either tune out or feel guilty because you might not feel equipped. A Gospel Conversations Training provides opportunities for individuals to be equipped to share the gospel with confidence. Don't engage your "one" alone. We can help you! Training will be in the choir room, and lunch is provided. Register by July 30th.

Gospel Sharing Tools:

The Story


Oikos Map

3 Circles

15 Second Testimony

Free Apps to Share the Gospel

How to ask good questions that lead to gospel conversations.

The app version for sharing The Story film.