Deacon Nominations

Nominations for deacons are open now through June 19th for the 2019-2020 deacon year. Ballots are in the worship guide lobby and the church office, or you may make your nominations using the form on this page.


The following individuals are currently serving in the Deacon Family Ministry, and are therefore ineligible for nomination:

Barry Blackwell
Bill Bailey
Charles Boone
Harvey Brown, Jr
Steven Brown
Burges Burrows
Bob Cockerham
Bill Coffey
Danny Danford
Jay Felizzi
Brian Fitzpatrick
Michael Floyd
Stephen Griffin
Jeff Hall
Hollis Hance


Jim Hazel
David Hinely
Brian Hollifield
Don Hyatt
Dave Johnson
Martin King
Chris Livingston
Robert Lyerly Jr
Tony Mathis
Michael Medlin
Harold Medlock
Walter Mills
Mark Mullins
Mead Poncin
Davide Reule


Danny Rickenbaker
Johnny Rollins, Jr
Pierce Sawyer
Ed Sinclair
Jack Smith
Phil Smith
Harry Stegall, Jr
Larry Stewart
Ed Sullivan
Truett Taylor
Greg Threatt
Paul Toler
Bob Williams


the deadline to Complete this form is june 19th.

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