"Come, follow me," Jesus said, "and I will send you out to fish for people."

Do you think God could use you to expand His Kingdom on your college campus? Not only do we believe that He can, but we know He wants to. We want to see a student- led movement of disciples who make disciples across every college campus here in Charlotte. Success in a college ministry is NOT how big it is, but how many of its students are owning the missionary task of sharing the gospel and teaching others how to obey Jesus. Our job as a church while you are here is to model for you how to follow Jesus and how to fish for students.




Do you have questions or would like more info? Contact Caleb Sprinkle.


Meeting Times

Sunday Mornings
Is there a weekly gathering for College at FBC? Yes! Every Sunday morning at First Baptist Charlotte. We want students to see attending and serving in church as their large-group gathering. 

There are many ways to serve the church. Check out our Serve Page to find how God has gifted you to serve here. 

Campus Groups
If you are not involved in a ministry on your college campus, fill out this brief interest form and we will follow up with you to get you plugged into a College at FBC campus group.





Gospel Sharing Tools

How to lead a bible study with people far from God

Discipleship curriculum