Bible Study

Studying the Bible is crucial to growth in Jesus Christ. Our classes meet on Sundays from 9:15am to 10:15am.


Grow Bible Study

Each Wednesday night at 6pm, we have a time of prayer and Bible study in the worship center. It’s a great time of fellowship and encouragement.



Bible Study Classes

We pour everything we have as a staff into making the first day of the week a time where God is honored and you walk away changed and challenged in your walk with Him. A big of part of that experience is our Bible study time.

We have almost twenty adult classes from young professionals in their 20’s to the oldest senior adult class. Classes start at 9:15 a.m. each week. With two worship services offered each Sunday at 8am and 10:30am, these classes are a great way to spend some time in small groups studying the Word of God together.

For more information about our Bible Study or Grow classes, please email Faith Sawyer in the church office.

Grow Bible Study

Wednesdays at 6pm
Great Themes of the Old Testament, Part 3 continues from last year. This series will cover more on the character and nature of God in the latter Old Testament books and Major Prophets.


Sundays at 9:15am

Young Adults
20's & 30's
Room 249
Each study is oriented with the focus on applying lessons in a business &/or daily life context.

Married/Engaged Couples
Room 250
Studies the Bible for practical application to married life.

Gospel Parenting
All Ages
Room 243
An interactive, inductive Bible Study with Gospel application for parents of students.

Radical Faith
All Ages
Room 251-253
Discussion oriented focusing on a particular book of the Bible.

All Ages
Room 252
Focuses on nurturing follower of Christ to grow in their knowledge of God, grace & personal holiness.

Room 202

Women, ages 70+
Room 208

Room 206


Bridge Builders
Women, ages 40+
Room 227

God Chasers
Couples & Singles, 30's-80's
Fellowship Hall
Bible study among people with a wide variety of life experience.

Couples & Singles, 40's-60's
Rooms 211-213
This class covers changes in transition seasons of life.

The Living Word
Couple & Singles, 40's & 50's
Room 241
Studying the Bible in order to eliminate Bible illiteracy.

Strategic Living
Couples & Singles, 40's & 50's
Room 215-217

New Testament
Couples, 55+

Senior Adult Men
Men, 70+
Room 223/225

60's & 70's
Room 248