Every Christian has been given Jesus' Great Commission to make disciples.

For many of us, we aren't doing it because we don't know how, or we lack the confidence to follow through. Before we can make disciples, we have to know how to start Gospel Conversations & what to do next. This training will help you do both of those things.

Saturday, January 6th
9am - 5pm
Cost: $10


On Saturday, January 6th, we'll spend a whole day together learning simple tools, practicing them, and putting them to work.

Your $10 ticket pays for breakfast and lunch. Training is located in the Fellowship Hall. Childcare will be provided and includes a fun pancake breakfast, games, rock painting and more!

Email Caleb Sprinkle for more info about the training.

Childcare Schedule

9am-12:30pm  Session I
Preschool through 5th Grade Childcare

12:30pm-1:30pm  Lunch
Pick up your children for lunch together in Fellowship Hall

1:30pm-3pm  Walk in uptown with your families (including children) to practice the tools you learned in Session 1 Children will have painted rocks to spread around uptown with parents during this time.

3pm-5pm  Session II
K-5th Grade Childcare ONLY

For questions about childcare or kids programming, or to register your children, email Brooke Jolly. Please include the number of children you would like to register and their ages.