We want to see a reproducing disciple- making movement among college students on every college campus in Charlotte.   



Paul wrote in Acts 19:10 that every Jew and Greek living in the region of Asia Province had heard the gospel of Jesus Christ in just two years. At that time, that was 15 million people.

Whatever Paul was teaching his disciples was both simple and powerful, because disciples were multiplying rapidly. We want to model everything we do after the patterns of the early church (Acts 2:42-47). We want to gather together to worship God and devote ourselves to the Word of God. We want to equip you to share the gospel and make disciples of your own. Finally, we want to unleash you on your college campus by helping you start bible studies with new believers that are multiplying over and over again until there is no place left.


Meeting Times

Sunday Mornings
Is there a weekly gathering for FCCollege?  Yes!  Every Sunday morning at First Bapitst Charlotte (see below for schedule).  We want students to see attending and serving in church as their large-group gathering for FCCollege.

There are many ways to serve the church.  Check out our Serve Page to find how God has gifted you to serve here. 

Family Groups
If you are not involved in a campus ministry, fill out this brief interest form, and we will follow up with you to get you plugged into a FCCollege family group at your campus. 

The Gathering | 7pm
Every 3rd Sunday, all our college students from multiple college campuses gather together in the Family Life Center (2nd Floor)for a night of worship & teaching.

Email Caleb Sprinkle for more information.